Polypropylene Spundbonded Non-woven

PP Non-Woven's main constituent is polypropylene (PP), an organic compound produced as a by-product of crude oil refinery. Through spunbonding process, Polypropylene is transformed into fabric. PP can be repeatedly melted and solidified by heating and cooling so that any scrap generated in processing can be reused. Generally no chemical change takes place during forming.

The first PP Non-Woven fabric was commercialized in the 1960s and has since become popular as a modern material which is widely applied to fashion, shoes and handbags, family products, shopping bags, garment bags, packing materials, medical uses, agricultural industry, etc.

Polypropylene is water resistant, air permeable, fire proof, soft and also possesses many additional positive characteristics:

A   Environmental Friendly
Polypropylene is a by-product of refined crude oil originating from the earth.
It does not emit any poisonous gas or pollutant during manufacturing process.
Unlike textile manufacturing which requires a large consumption of electricity and water, the spunbond process involves only low-heat.
It is recyclable into raw material through heating. It is regarded as a 100% recyclable product.
B   Low Price
The PP Non-Woven spunbond manufacturing becomes a matured technology. High-tech facilities have lowered substantially the production cost. The pricing of PP Non-Woven fabric is very competitive compared with other textile products.

C   Safe
It has been proven non-allergic to human bodies and contains no amine (carcinogenic) element. It has been commonly used as disposable surgical suits, caps, or masks in hospitals and laboratories.
It is low on the inflammability scale. It is widely used as slipcover for passenger seats in flights, ships as well as inner material for furniture.
It has been tested to be a slowly colorfast material and contains low lead content. It meets the international standard on manufacturing of toy products.
D   Lightweight and Durable
The fabric does not have ladder problem. It can withstand heavy weight and pressure.